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History Of Travel Channel

Travel Channel is currently stationed in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in the United States. Scripps Networks Interactive owns 65% of the network and Cox Communications owns 35%. Travel Channel is one of the more popular and highly recognized channels which exists on satellite television and basic cable. The title itself is relatively explanatory—and it is most attractive to those who are interested in travel or knowing more about other places and cultures. The slogan for the channel is “travel moves you” and as of February this year about 91.5 million pay television households in the United States receive access to it. It is not limited to one country, however, and many other corners of the world have access to it.

The birth of Travel Channel—then called The Travel Channel—was February 1st in the year 1987. The channel was founded by Trans World Airlines. Many speculate that the airline was trying to boost airline patronage, and The Travel Chanel would certainly be a logical and creative move on their channel The Travel Channel was not the first thing on television which featured some travel-related programming—and in fact there was such programming on Home Theater Network. This was, however, used as filler between other shows on the channel. This is where The Travel Channel’s name was derived from. A year previous, in 1986, TWA bought out the name rights from Group W Satellite Communications, and a couple of years later they proceeded to shut down Home Theater Network and then took over their transponder spot. The network moved on to Landmark Communications, and then Paxson Communications.

Not very much happened for The Travel Channel, and then in 1997 Discovery Communications got 70% of the network and a couple of years later they acquired the rest of the channel from Paxson, and they held unto the channel for quite a few years. The Travel Channel became simply Travel Channel in 1999. It was only recently, within the last decade when Discovery sold it. In 2007 there was a massive, multi-billion dollar transaction made between Discovery Communications and Cox Enterprises and part of this included Discovery selling the Travel Channel. Despite this, however, Discovery Communications continued to distribute the channel by way of its Discovery Networks Unit.

Travel Channel

Scripps Network Interactive got a 65% ownership interest on November 5th of 2009, and this was at the price of $1.1 billion. In January of the following year the deal closed. As mentioned previously, Scripps now distributes Travel Channel. They also redistribute Food Network’s programming on the network. The Food Network is one of Travel Channel’s sister channels. On March 22 of 2012 it was announced to the public that Scripps Networks Interactive would buy Travel Channel International Limited. This was the UK-based distributor of the channel which carried it out across various other parts of the world including Africa, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East markets. A month later on May 1st the deal was completed and Scripps handed over £65 million, equivalent to $102.7 million. In the end these international channels were integrated with the United States-based Travel Channel.

TV Programs on Travel Channel

There are a variety of TV shows which are given a home on Travel Channel. There are documentaries, how-to shows which explore travel and leisure, and even reality TV shows. There have been programs which explored food in other regions of the world, the paranormal in notable and interesting locations, shows about safaris, significant cities, hotels, towns, and resorts, and other big attractions. If it has to do with traveling Travel Channel has most likely covered it. 

travel channelBizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman is one of the Travel Channel’s popular programs, which, as is obvious from the title, endeavors to look into the art of cuisine. The show has been on air since 2007. Zimmerman explores different countries or regions and goes into the details of the food there, how it is made, served, and then he reports back about how it tastes. IMDb gives it 8.1/10 stars. 

There is a new Travel Channel series called Time Traveling with Brian Unger. This show did not begin until April 20th of this year. The show takes the locals on an exciting and unique look back into the history of their home towns and cities. One of the biggest reasons people travel is to visit places that are rich in an interesting past.

Hotel Impossible is a reality TV show and thus far it has five seasons. Anthony Melchiorri stars with his team as they give hotels that are struggling a makeover. Melchiorri looks for hotels and uncovers their biggest flaws and after meeting with his staff to discuss things they then proceed in revamping the hotel. They go into the hotel and give the building itself a new look. gives the show 8.8/10 stars.

The Layover is hosted by Anthony Bourdain and he gives viewers a unique glance into what they can see, do, and eat in a city within a 24-48 hour time-frame. Each episode has a clock counting down the hours but Bourdain is an experienced traveler and he makes the time worthwhile as he explores the most of each city. 

Hosted by Don Wildman, Mysteries at the Museum takes a look at intriguing or unusual artifacts which are actually located in certain museums. So far there are seven seasons in the series and episodes which explore topics like Easter Island, the Mona Lisa, Absinthe, and much more. The show is great for museum lovers and enables them to experience all of the thrills of being at a museum while in the comfort of their very own homes. IMDb gives the series 8.2/10 stars. travel channel

Other Facts About Travel Channel

The sister channels to Travel Channel include HGTV, Great American Country, Cooking Channel, Food Network, and DIY Network. On January 14th, 2008, Travel Channel HD was launched. It is a 1080i high definition simulcast feed of Travel Channel and it is available on DIRECTV and Dish Network in the USA and you can watch it online with a subscription to Comcast XFINITY Internet. And many others regionally including Insight Communications, Verizon FiOS, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Bright House Networks, and others.